Annual Popcorn Sale

The popcorn sale is our biggest unit fundraiser of the year, and selling has many benefits. Fundraising teaches Scouts many essential life skills such as goal setting, salesmanship, communication, teamwork, time management, and countless others. It is an excellent opportunity for learning and helps deliver the Scouting program to Scouts across our council by providing camperships, membership fees, uniforms, and other essential items. Many of our units can fund their entire Scouting year with this one sale! This includes paying for things such as summer camp, advancements, and membership costs. 

2023 Overview

We continued to see growth with a 1.9% increase over 2022! 

  • Units Selling 10-30k: 25%
  • Units Selling 3-9k: 38%
  • Units Selling 1-3k: 37%

How Can I Purchase Popcorn?

Our sale runs from September through October. During that time, you will likely see Scouts selling popcorn outside many stores in the area. You can also contact our office to be directed to a selling unit in your area. Finally,  you can also order select items online.

2024 Timeline

  • Show & Sell Orders Due: August 26
  • Show & Sell Distribution: September 12-13
  • Take Orders & Show & Sell Money Due: October 28
  • Take Order Distribution: November 14-15
  • Take Order Money & Prize Orders Due: November 27