Weekend Camping


"The open-air is the real objective of Scouting and the key to its success."


Camp Currier

Camp Currier, in Eudora, Mississippi, has been welcoming generations of campers since 1925. Located on more than 300 pristine acres, Currier is the primary location for district events, including Camporees, Cuborees, and Webelos Woods; a venue for large council events and trainings; and a weekend camping favorite. Currier is home to a state-of-the-art C.O.P.E. and climbing course; shotgun, rifle, archery, and action archery ranges; a lake that is perfect for canoeing or fishing; great trails; and much more! See the resources listed below to make a weekend reservation. Visit the Camp Currier website here.


Kia Kima 

Kia Kima, located in Hardy, Arkansas, has been the summer camp of the Chickasaw Council since 1916. There are many tremendous opportunities at Kia Kima in the summer, and it is also available for weekend camping! Bring your troop, pack, crew, or other group to Kia Kima for a wonderful getaway in the Ozarks. See below for the reservation form. Visit the Kia Kima website here.

Kia Kima is also home to a rental cabin, which can be booked on Airbnb during the offseason. The facilities there are available to rent for weddings, youth group events, family reunions, and others. Contact Haley Baird for more information about these types of events at 901-596-3908 or Haley.Baird@scouting.org. 


Rental & Permission Forms

Please email completed forms to diana.mcdaniel@scouting.org


File Name Description
Council Properties Reservation Request Form (Currier and Kia Kima) Download
Currier C.O.P.E. and Climbing Permission Form Download
Currier Range Rental Form (district events) Download
Currier Shooting Sports Permission Form Download
Pack Overnight Activity Report (Required) Download
Troop, Crew, Ship, or Post Overnight Activity Report (Required) Download