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Summer Camp in the Ozarks - Kia Kima Scout Reservation

Kia Kima Scout Reservation is the summer camp of the Chickasaw Council. Nestled in the Ozark Mountains above the South Fork River, Kia Kima has been welcoming campers for over 100 years. Kia Kima has excellent facilities, ready to welcome over 3,000 campers per year. There are two camps at Kia Kima Scout Reservation, Camp Osage and Camp Cherokee. Visit the Kia Kima website for more information!


Camp Osage

Camp Osage is the larger of the two camps at Kia Kima. In Camp Osage, campers enjoy food service from a modern, state-of-the-art Dining Hall, completed in 2015. Most of the aquatics activities in Camp Osage meet at the river. Learn more about Camp Osage.


Camp Cherokee

Camp Cherokee, the smaller camp of Kia Kima, offers a traditional summer camp experience, in a village-like atmosphere. Troops enjoy cooking all of their meals, using food provided to them from the commissary (any many bring some supplemental items for some extra excitement). Aquatics activities in Camp Cherokee meet at the John A. Cooper Lake. Learn more about Camp Cherokee.


High Adventure Opportunities at Kia Kima

Kia Kima is well-known for its high-adventure opportunities for Scouts and Venturers, through our Ozark Venture Base. You can learn more about these programs on the Kia Kima website, but an outline of each program is provided below.

  • The Ozark Ultimate Trek (O.U.T.) program is the signature high-adventure opportunity at Kia Kima. Participants enjoy a weeklong sampling of the many fantastic outdoor opportunities available in the Ozarks, including whitewater kayaking, hiking/backpacking, caving, and much more!
  • Learn to live like the pioneers in the Mountain Man program, where Scouts will try their hand at blacksmithing, tomahawk throwing, black powder shooting, and more!
  • Our C.O.P.E. and Climbing programs allow Scouts to have fun on the ropes! C.O.P.E. (Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience) participants will hone their teamwork skills as they conquer the low ropes, high ropes, and zipline on our course. Climbing participants will sharpen their skills on our 60-foot tower before going to Jamestown Crag, on Fridays, to climb real rock!

Summer Camp Reservations

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