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Scouting offers adventures for a lifetime, and young men and women in the Mid-South are invited to join the fun!

Who can become a Scout? 

Scouting offers opportunities for young men and women from ages five to twenty-one. Cub Scouts offers numerous adventures and opportunities for exploration for any youth ages five to ten. Scouts BSA is the signature program of the Boy Scouts of America, in which Scouts work toward the prestigious Eagle rank through a robust outdoor program that includes advancement and enrichment; emphasizing character development, leadership, citizenship training, and personal fitness, the Scouts BSA program is open to all youth ages ten to eighteen. The Venturing program offers enhanced leadership and adventure opportunities to youth ages fourteen to twenty-one. 

What do Scouts do? 

Scouting is fun with a purpose! All Scouting programs emphasize adventure, challenge, and recognition through at-least monthly outdoor activities, an excellent merit badge and Cub Scout advancement program, and exposure to great experiences, both in locally, nationally, and internationally! 

How do I get started? 

The promises of Scouting are delivered in many ways, starting with local units. There are packs (for Cub Scouts) and troops (for Scouts BSA) and crew (for Venturers) in communities all over the Mid-South! You can find a unit near you by visiting, or you can contact the Chickasaw Council directly at 901-327-4193. 

What is the Chickasaw Council?

The Chickasaw Council is the local arm of the Boy Scouts of America, covering Memphis and Shelby County, Crittenden County, northwest Mississippi, and the Delta. The Chickasaw Council, through its volunteers, field staff, and support staff, provides the support that makes Scouting possible. 

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