Did You Know? The Recruiter Strip

Did You Know
One of the easiest patches to earn, the Recruiter Strip recognizes youth members who successfully recruit a friend into Scouting.

The best recruiter for any unit is an excited Scout engaged in the Scouting program. The easiest way to recruit is having that same Scout share their personal “what-I-did-last-weekend” experiences with a friend.

Cub Scouts, Scouts in Scouts BSA, Venturing and Sea Scouts may all earn the Recruiter Strip by recruiting another youth to join Scouting. A Recruiter Strip is awarded to a Scout the first time the Scout recruits a friend, relative, classmate, or other acquaintance. The recruiter strip is worn centered directly below the right pocket on the Class A uniform shirt.

Every Recruiter Strip tells a story of someone inviting a friend to join the Scouting journey.