Did You Know? 2020 Recruiter Patch

Did you Know?
August is Recruitment Month at the Chickasaw Council.

The Recruiter Award
Each youth who recruits a friend to Scouting is eligible to receive the BSA Recruiter Badge, which is worn on the front of their uniform under the right pocket. If you think about its ability to grow Scouting and introduce this life-changing program to young people, The Recruiter Strip might be the most important patch in Scouting. It is also one of the easiest to earn. The sole requirement is to recruit a friend into the Scouting program.

Why is this award important? It is because it helps introduce the fun and experiences of Scouting to others who may have never had the opportunity to join. Many young people, when asked why they never became a Scout, said "nobody ever invited me."

Spread the word! Tell your friends about all the fun things you get to do in Scouting and invite them to a meeting or event. You just might change their life!

Special thanks to Chris Johnson for designing the new Chickasaw Council recruitment patch!