Invest in Scouting

Thank you for your past support of the Boy Scouts of America in the Mid-South.  Your contributions allowed us to provide the Scouting program to more than 6,500 Scouts and more than 2,300 volunteers. Without your support, many of these Scouts would not have access to the positive experience that Scouting offers and a better opportunity to prepare themselves for their future lives.

Your contributions directly support initiatives like our efforts in Scouting Deserts.

The Chickasaw Council Board has identified five areas in our community that are considered Scouting Deserts: Whitehaven, Orange Mound, Binghampton, Hickory Hills, and Frayser.

The Chickasaw Council, BSA, will be starting fifteen new units in the communities identified by the board over the next three years. New partnerships with our faith-based leaders, new volunteers, and new units have already begun.   Leaders, volunteers, community, and funding are all needed for the path of success to continue. 

The effectiveness of the Scouting program is supported by multiple academic studies, including a notable one conducted by Tufts University, with Scouts reporting significant increases in cheerfulness, helpfulness, kindness, obedience, trustworthiness, and hopeful future expectations. Also found in the study is that engagement is most important for character development. This is a key focus of the Chickasaw Council: Engage the areas where Scouting is needed the most!