Trip Reports

Chickasaw Council

Unit Trip Reporting Policy


Consistent with the national youth protection policy which took effect September 1, 2023, requiring all adults spending one or more nights on a troop, crew or ship trip or event and all adults spending one or more nights on a pack trip or event who are not the parent or guardian of a youth to be registered with unexpired youth protection training, the Chickasaw Council adopts the following policy and procedure:



  1. Prior to a unit going on any trip or event which is one or more nights in length, the unit shall report its plans for the trip or event to the Council by filling out the form attached hereto as Exhibit A for troops, ships and crews and Exhibit B for packs. The report is not intended for the unit to seek permission from the Council for any event or trip and the Council is not granting permission for any unit event or trip. The report is just a report of activity to demonstrate compliance with youth protection and other safety guidance;


  1. The Council will check the trip reports provided and confirm the names and status of the adults listed; and


  1. Any unit found to be in violation of this policy will receive a verbal warning in the first instance, a written warning in the second instance, and for any third violation in any calendar year shall be ordered to suspend any further overnight trips or events until such time as the unit provides a written plan acceptable to the Council’s Scout Executive to correct the noncompliance; and


  1. Any unit found to be in repeated noncompliance after a verbal warning, a written warning, and failure to comply with an approved plan of correction, those adult leaders membership privileges shall be suspended or revoked.


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