Camp Bitemark Twin Banks Fall Camporee 2023



Since 1910, Scouts have trained to be helpful in all sorts of conditions - natural disasters, world wide pandemics, anything unexpected. Even in the throes of a Zombie Apocalypse, our Scouts have the will, the training, and the spirit to Help Other People At All Times - and Camp Bitemark is where they show us how to do it.


Camp Bitemark is Twin Bank’s Fall Camporee, featuring a twist on the traditional Scouting Classics. Patrols will practice triage and quarantine as part of their First Aid, construct pioneering structures to get above the Zombie hordes, learn to hunt and scavenge for supplies, and practice their cooking skills on what they find. A fun and different take on the skills our Scouts have been practicing, Camp Bitemark is built using guidance from the Centers for Disease Control’s handbook to responding to outbreak and other major health crisis.


Open to everyone!


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