Adventure Cards

2021 Adventure Card sale will begin April 1, 2021! 

April 1, 2021, Adventure Card Kickoff Meeting on Zoom (Link Included)

  • The 2021 Adventure Card sale will provide scouts and units the opportunity to raise funds for their summer camp adventures.
  • Units must register for the 2021 sale. Contact your District Executive, Casey Maning, or Erin Pfaffenroth. 
  • Registration is free but required.
  • Units will be able to reserve 10 cards per Scout in the unit, with exceptions considered on a case-by-case basis. 

Buy Adventure Cards Online!

You can support a Scout from anywhere, by purchasing Adventure Cards online! The Chickasaw Council will mail your cards, or you can choose to pick them up at the Dunavant Scout Service Center. (Link for on-line purchases coming soon.)

What are Adventure Cards?

The Adventure Card is an award-winning fundraising program that helps Scouts earn their way to camp or other outdoor adventures!  The Chickasaw Council Adventure Cards offer discounts at numerous businesses from all over the council’s boundaries.

  • Each Adventure Card is sold for $5.00, with 50% going to the unit and 50% going to the council.
  • Units are encouraged to use these funds to ensure that every Scout can attend summer camp. The council's portion covers the cost of production, securing sponsors, promotional materials, and supports camping and other operations for Scouting year-round.
  • The annual sale will be held from April 1 to May 13. 
  • Units can participate in the Adventure Card program RISK-FREE; unsold cards may be returned to the council office by May 13 without penalty.
  • Prizes will be awarded to the top seller of each district!


Date Note
    Register to Sell Adventure Cards
April 1  Zoom Virtual Kickoff
April 2  Distribution
April 22  Mid Checkpoint
May 13  End of Sale; Payment Due
May 14  Late Settlement, Unit Commission Decreased to 35%
May 21  Late Settlement, Unit Commission Decreased to 25%

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